* All prices include HST

Massage Therapy

Your massage therapy treatment will be customized to suit your specific needs.  Massage may help many issues including but not limited to sports injury, repetitive strain injury, pain management or simply to relieve stress and tension.  Swedish massage techniques are used with pressure ranging from gentle to deep tissue depending on your personal preference and comfort level.

Many advanced techniques can also be incorporated into your treatment plan including Trigger Point Therapy, Soft Tissue Release techniques, Fascial Release techniques, joint play and frictioning.

When you arrive for your treatment we can discuss your individual needs and concerns and design the best treatment plan for you. 

90 minutes  = $115     
60 minutes = $80
45 minutes = $65   
30 minutes = $50

Hot Stone Massage

A full body ritual using the deep penetrating heat of smooth basalt stones. The stones are placed on the body to provide continuous warmth while the stones are also used to massage the muscles.  This is a deeply relaxing treatment that is also great for muscles and circulation. 
60 minutes  = $95


A Japanese form of healing that is used to balance the energy of the body using specific hand positions with light touch and healing symbols. Reiki treats body, emotions, mind and spirit allowing many beneficial effects that can include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.
60 minutes = $80


Thai Hot Stem Massage

Thai herbal stems are traditional massage tools used in Thailand since ancient times. The herbal stems combine soothing heat with therapeutic natural herbs and essential oils which have a gentle relaxing affect when absorbed into the skin. This treatment combines swedish massage techniques with the use of the heated herbal stems in order to detoxify, increase circulation, relax muscles and relieve muscle pain. 
75 minutes  = $130

Hot Oil Treatment

A special blend of heated essential oils are massaged into the hair and scalp completely relaxing you and giving a wonderful conditioning to the hair. A soothing hot towel will keep the oils warm while you enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Great on it's own or as an add-on to any other treatment. 
30 minutes = $55, 15 min add-on = $25


The perfect combination of massage and indulgence. Begin with a 25 minute relaxing swedish massage followed by a revitalizing hair and scalp hot oil treatment with warm aromatic oils. A comforting hot towel is wrapped on your head while you experience an arm and hand massage with luxurious cream. Your head to toe experience concludes with a soothing foot massage. 
75 minutes = $105

Himalayan Crystal Salt Glow

Your body is gently exfoliated using pure Himalayan Salts leaving your skin feeling fresh and invigorated. The treatment is completed with an application of MoorSpa body lotion to rehydrate,  
45 minutes  = $95

Austrian Moor Body Wrap

This treatment begins with an exfoliation using Himalayan Salts to prepare the skin to receive all the benefits of the 100% pure Austrian moor. Next a healing layer of the Austrian Moor gel body mask is applied. You are then enveloped in cozy warmth to relax and enjoy the benefits of the Moor. While you relax you will have a scalp massage and a mini facial using the natural MoorSpa skin care line. The body mask is then removed and the finishing touch of an application of Moorspa Body Lotion is applied to hydrate the skin.  
75 minutes = $160